PurpleMistress Ride&Hang

Purple Mistress is part of the Ride&Hang series, for only €349 ,- you have a board to ride and a painting to hang on your wall!This amazing handmade, unique, WoodBoards longboard is part of the Ride&Hang series and has very detailed artwork. The RedMan is made by Christoforo Daoulkas ( Facebook ). The board is made of bamboo and the graphic is finished with high quality, high gloss car paint with metallic glitters. This Woodboards board will look amazing on the street! The additional painting will look stunning in your house!

The board comes with:

  • Paris 180 mm trucks with 90A Divine Bushings
  • Divine Road Rippers 70MM 78A
  • Abec 5 Bones Reds Bearings
  • Mastergrip griptape

This board has a really nice flex and is therefore perfect for carving and cruising the streets!