Hermadite Ride&Hang (SOLD)

This Board is part of the Ride&Hang series, a board to ride and a painting to hang on your wall! You can buy this as a set for €500,- or as board (complete) only, for €329,-

This drop-through board with its radical shape and bright colors, is an amazing piece of art. The graphics are painted by Rob Zuurveld.

As part of the Ride&Hang series, this board comes with a 150 by 50 cm canvas with the same graphic specially painted!!

So you not only have art underneath your feet but also for your wall!

The board has the following setup:

  • Paris V2 180 mm trucks with 90A Divine Bushings
  • Speed Demon 69mm 83A wheels
  • Abec 5 Bones Reds Bearings
  • Mastergrip griptape

This board sits low on the ground and is quite stiff, therefore it’s a great board for downhill, free-ride and freestyle longboarding.