Japanese Blossom (Sold)

The cherry blossom is a very delicate flower that blooms for a very short time. This represents the transience of life which is  part of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism that state all life is suffering and transitory. The Japanese belief in the transitory nature of life,. The hold that one should not get too attached to a particular outcome, or not become emotional because it will all pass in time.

The fallen cherry blossom represents the beauty of snow and there are many connections made in Japanese literature or poetry to a fallen cherry blossom and snow. This also has been extended to the life of a warrior whose life was ended early in battle. Source

This board is custom designed. The artwork is done by Nathan Wattinema and has the following setup:

  • Triumph 180 Trucks with 79a super high rebound bushings
  • Abec11 78A, 70 mm weels
  • Abec 5 Bones Red bearings
  • Hardcore griptape

An amazing board for carving and cruising!